Atomic Physics and Esoterism

Not so long ago the scientists have discovered the dark matter. Owing to that discovery it turned out that the universe previously seen as material is not only material anymore. In accordance of the scientists the matter is only 3% of the whole universe, the rest - 97% is 'emptiness' - the dark matter. That dark matter as energy is not to be seen, but it relates for material things. Human sees the things in material way (it means human can see only 'the material light').This light creates material world. According to spiritual knowledge there is another state of light- the static light. The static light creates and determines 'material light'; it fills all that 'emptiness' up. Human does not see the static light, because it is darkness for him, it is kind of the Black Hole. It is very curious that the universe can exist as material in 3% and the immaterial in 97%, but how about people? Are they completely material?

People are the part of the universe and that proportion also referes to them. Human is immaterial in the same percentage. The science does not want to see the things that way, trying to treat the human in the material way in 100%. The truth is completely different. The nervous system contacts human with the spiritual world and the main source of information is the static light! That is why human possesses an AURA. That is 'contact' with eteric, invisible world, overconsciousness and pure spiritual consciousness. The state of AURA depends on human. Every thought from the inside and each thought from the outside exerts an influence on the state of AURA. Owing to spiritual development being in God's harmony, human becomes fulfilled. The spirit is life, the spirit activates human in the spiritual way of consciousness.

On a subatomic level the scientists have discovered a new kind of matter. The molecules of that matter move in 'the spiritual way', they merge in 'the spiritual way'. It means the atoms and the molecules are not completed (half-spinned) and they search for the second half. They act the same way as the matter on macro level. These molecules of that 'the spiritual matter' are called - fermions. It referes to human who searches for his second half to feel fulfilled and completed. Fermions are charged the same as the outer world, they refer to this outer surroundings and they act as determined by the material rules. The fermions join with pairs to be completed and to become - bozons. The bozon is the completed (full-spinned) molecule.

During the Bible: 'man and woman they will leave their fathers and mothers to become one'. Let's notice, the fermions must get rid of the outer charge to become one. The scientists try to get the state of fermions separation using strong, an artificial magnetic pole. It forces the fermions to disunite, but although it is such strong the outer power they stay as one. In the spiritual state that power is called - consciousness. Owing to faith that is the inner consciousness, the inner power (even in every atom and each molecule) which drifts to lose the outer pole. If that power is the inner consciousness the outer sorrounding pole starts not to exist.

The fermions having their inner state independent from the outer state - they merge creating an ideal state of existence - bozons. In esoterism such a state is 'hermaphrodite', it means - man and woman as one exist thanks to the inner power - faith. The new state of matter creates multiple structures where all the bozons exist in the inner power keeping the same vibrations. They are like an ideal superatom.

We can observe the inner power that stems from God`s truth in micro and macro world. This inner consciousness is permanent act of creation from the beginning of the world. The Bible shows the state of the perfect order, harmony that referes to everything; so we can see that only true, deep faith - the inner consciousness gives the power of recognition. This is the recognition of God.
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