The Spiritual Healing

The spiritual healing is to get the state of complete in human`s existence. It is deep harmony between body and soul, it is much more than sending or dispatch of energy. The spiritual cure is touching the spheres of karma, it is touching the problems of human`s identity. That healing is not only body cure, but foremost it is the cure for the spirit. It touches the rudiments of life which are the basis of the spiritual way. It creates proper understanding of all the processes in human`s life and also takes human onto the righteous way - evolution of consciousness.
Being in body you cannot give anything to somebody, because there is nothing to give. Only the existence in harmony of body and soul gives the opportunity to get the inner power and thanks to it one can give something to someone. The spiritual healing is to be in the state of complete. Only the spirit has the power to cure, but in spite of this most of people want to replace the inner state by the body. The spirit must be powered by humility and faith.

There are seven states of spiritual consciousness. Every level has its own order and information. In accordance of the spiritual evolution there must be an order on each level
- that is the way of progress. The common state - consciousness for all the levels is faith and devotion. Most of people think that the evolution is ended ( they see the world only in material way ). When the new kind of transformation is coming they come to grief and finally suffer a defeat and failure. The lowest level of spiritual understanding is the inclination to possess the matter. People are getting stronger in the material world and that is why they are what they have. On the way of the spiritual evolution and comprehension human has to go throughout many changes and many situations. In these acts and experiences he should find the activity of God. There are a lot of things to see, a lot of things to undrestand...
On the spiritual way human has to find the answer in himself.
God made him ready for such an experience!

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