The Spiritual Evolution

The spiritual evolution is conscious understanding and practicing God's truth. If you want to understand that TRUTH you have to get to know God's logic which is completely different than logic in human's comprehension. In human's logic if you want to get rid of something you throw it away. According to God's truth such way of acting is inappropriate. Nothing can be thrown away and nothing can be estimated or judged. In accordance with that TRUTH the one way is to be in search of new recognition. This way you bound for deeper understanding of this new experience and step by step you leave your past without suffer and pain, without the feeling of loss.

In the spiritual comprehension to fight with the past is completely out of sense, because it ties one up with it. The searching for the past is also a piece of nonsense, because there are no reasons to look for something that exists in the present! The past determines the present! It creates your thoughts, feelings, needs, emotions, mentality and finally personality. Mostly people keep the past alive because of fear. It stems from unawareness of ancestry (forefathers). The reason of the fear is misunderstanding, the lack of recognition and proper vision of the future. Fear destroys and causes some acts of hopelessness (e.g. depression is lack of faith). Fear destroys everything which is the bright stream straight from God; that is why the opposition for fear is faith. Faith gives you aim for life, safety and proper comprehension of God's truth. Fear and faith exist from the same reason: failure to recognize, ignorance and misunderstanding. We all have to answer the question: why do the people choose the things that cause destruction and damages? Why don't we choose the things that built rise, faith, and make our progress. It is said: "blessed who did not see, but did believed".

Faith is to see God in yourself and all around you. Do everything from the inside (from the need of spirit). You can ask: where is the spirit? The spirit alives in calm, safe and mild place, of course that place cannot be found in the material body. You can find that place inside yourself. Only the spirit is able to define the wrong or right, because the spirit is the brightness of the Holy Ghost. The picture of the spirit develops in God.

When we look at the world we live in, we have to realize that bad things do not exist. We call them "bad", because we do not understand them. The things that cannot be understood we used to call like something "bad". Searching for the spirit is the experience of searching the God's truth. The cognition of the right is the main aim for life. Only the spirit can recognize the right, so when we try to find it, our consciousness approaching the place where that spirit lives. The spirit is pure and clear appearance of God in a human being. The power of spirit is God. The only need of the spirit is God. It means: whatever you do - you do it for God.

The spirit is the light of body; the power of the spirit is frequent used in a wrong way (not according to the spiritual development). Who lives in the body - material world - lives far from God. God is creation. God is life. Nothing can live and exist without Him. Whoever gets far from God stops living, stops existing, because nothing can stay alive out of God anyway. A human being means to be completed, but the human suffers from not to be completed. Human's own free will has the power which unites him with God. That power can lead him to the truth, but also can create illusion, the imaginary world full of sensuality which exists for the body needs only.

Mind creates illusions about unknown places and situations which are completely misunderstood. A human has forgotten that God is even over there, because created it all and the process of creating is still continuing, still living, on and on. Don't be afraid of what you see in the strange place which you don't understand. Go there to meet yourself and you will see God in everything and in everyone. You will also see God in yourself. God created everything - if you find it and understand yourself - you will find Him, you will meet God.
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