Esoterism, Gravitation and the Black Holes

In the universe we can observe the activities of two powers. One of them is gravitational power which reacts with material world. It also effects in all the dimensions that matter exists ( even in the dimensions where the matter is very sparse ). Other words the gravitational power acts in and over the matter depended from time - the past, the present, the future. The second power, but in fact the first one is the power of congeneric state of complete. That power exists always and forever being in the state of independence from gravitation, so also independent from time and space. All the existence comes from that POWER. In atomic physics, when the molecules or atoms are out of the gravitational power, they are existing in chaos, because for the science - the power of congeneric state of complete does not exist. If this state is independent from time and space there is no matter in atomic physics comprehension, but the space of the state of complete is extending permanently, because of the transformation of the matter. The outer matter is turning into the inner state. The act of conversion is placed in the black holes. That is why the universe is still extending and accelerating.

The black holes are the kind of borders ( branas ) between the outer state and the inner state. There are millions of branas; strictly speaking there is the same amount of the branas and the Galaxies. All of them are on the surface of the inner state; it is like on the surface of soap-bubble where we can see the play of the difussed light ( dual light ). The matter cannot exist in the inner state being in the outer state where the gravitation is the main power. In the black holes the compression of matter is out of gravitation, but it acts in accordance of the congeneric state of complete which merge in and join with pairs all the atoms ( during the atomic physics they should be in chaos ). The atoms and the molecules from the half-spinned state bound to full-spinned state when the power of complete is getting stronger and when they are under influence of activity of the black hole. In fact, the black hole is not black, but it is not in possession of the electromagnetic field - dual state of light which is the basis of material world.

The atoms extract from the activity of gravitational power, because of the loss of the outer state ; it means they are losing magnetic field and they become to exist in the inner state. The fermions ( half-spinned atoms ) join with pairs to be completed ( full-spinned ) in the inner state and they become bozons. The bozons start to exist in a huge superatom - the black hole and they create a state -condensate of bozons. Such the condesates are staying under influences of further changes, converged by the power of complete. That power is perfection. In the stream of perfect energy, the power of complete stay united with everything. Every atom on macro and micro level is joined with the flow of perfect energy. That is energy of the congeneric state of complete. Human is the complete, but suffers from the lack of complete.
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