Esoterism, Gravitons, Karma

The outer state of fermions ( half-spinned molecules) is created when the inner energy indirectly connected with the Source changes the direction and it is heading outside. It creates the outer state that reacts with matter we can observe. It also referes to human - ego is sensual state of existence. That state removes from the Source , but it cannot be disconnected ( disjoined ) completely, so it comes back as a moving wave and then removes again. This cycle is permanent rotating with huge frequency and it makes gravitational wave which contains gravitons.

Gravitons - the power that keeps the molecules of the matter in the outer state ( in this case it means - material world ). However the inner energy is aiming to merge those atoms and molecules in pairs. If the inner energy is dense and compressed enough it causes desintegration of the outer state. This process is making the creation of a new state of existence, completely independent from gravitation. That new existence will appear in a different reality, without limits which determine material world. It is return to the state of beginning.

The science wants to take control over that state of the atoms and the molecules which are staying tractable to influences and diffusion of the gravitons. The scientists bound to create the new kind of existence without the loss of the outer state, but in the world of the Spirit - it is violation of God`s truth. In the field of scientific investigation to start to exist by the atoms in the different world by the loss of acting gravitons without the loss the primary state of fermions ( during the scientists` research is pure matter ) is precondition. The creation of such a state causes only temporary existence in immaterial world; infinite and unlimited by the time and space. It is possible thanks to act of power that causes the loss of acting gravitons for the atoms. That potential possibility may cause manipulation of the time and space.

In accordance of the spiritual understanding the energy of the gravitons is not the problem to pass into the new state of existence. The main power of acting is consciousness united with faith. It causes the loss of the outer state. And that way the new state of existence is the fact. It is infinite and independent from time and space. The existence powered by the inner energy "written" by God in every atom and each molecule of the universe. This state-process takes the act of karma away. It effaces acting of karma, because the outer state becomes not to exist. The process of creating karma is to record all the types of the states of human being on subatomic level. The record contains emotions, thoughts, needs, created illusions which are under influences of karma and inspired by karma. They are still developing owing not to manage with them. Every thought is written in the energy of a subatomic field. Karma can be wiped away only by the inner consciousness ( power of faith ).

Each activity that not stems from the inner power makes an illusion. That illusion is imposed by the thoughts - the form of projection recorded on subatomic level. These records are the kind of power that determines existence of human. In fact the human has no choice - his life may be determined by the records on subatomic field and there will be nothing he would do about it or - his life will be devoted to God and he will be happy with his life. It is very simple, but it is one and only way of choice. In relation to human - the outer charges ( the outer state ) are:

  • Forefathers` laws, claims and their needs
  • Individual choices made not in accordance of God`s rules ( illusions ).

Faith is mild passage, conversion and transformation from death to LIFE.
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