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Atomic Physics and Esoterism
Not so long ago the scientists have discovered the dark matter. Owing to that discovery it turned out that the universe previously seen as material is not only material anymore.

Esoterism, Gravitation and the Black Holes
In the universe we can observe the activities of two powers. One of them is gravitational power which reacts with material world. It also effects in all the dimensions that matter exists ( even in the dimensions where the matter is very sparse ). Other words the gravitational power acts in and over the matter depended from time - the past, the present, the future. The second power, but in fact the first one is the power of congeneric state of complete.

Esoterism, Gravitons, Karma
The outer state of fermions ( half-spinned molecules) is created when the inner energy indirectly connected with the Source changes the direction and it is heading outside. It creates the outer state that reacts with matter we can observe.

The Spiritual Evolution
The spiritual evolution is conscious understanding and practicing God's truth. If you want to understand that TRUTH you have to get to know God's logic which is completely different than logic in human's comprehension.

The Spiritual Healing
The spiritual healing is to get the state of complete in human`s existence. It is deep harmony between body and soul, it is much more than sending or dispatch of energy.
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